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Satisfied Clients


$1 Billion

Worth Sales Generated



Ecommerce Experts



Satisfied Clients


$1 Billion

Sales Generated



Ecommerce Experts

Make Yourself Relatable to Your Customers.

NuvoRetail takes care of end-to-end eCommerce account management for your brand. This includes taking products live, strategizing and implementing the best discounts and deals and helping you understand the perception of your customers.

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Maintain Perfect Account Health

With timely checks on the customers’ actions and its implications like order Defect Rates, Buyability issues and others, we ensure perfect account health of your ads account. These factors play a crucial role in ascertaining the long-term relevance of the brand.


Every Tenth Account stands at the risk of Account Deactivation on Amazon.

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What do our Account Management services include?

Catalogue Management

Creation of listings from scratch, category correction of products and regular updates on the same. Addition and revision of Backend keywords for products.


Event level deal calendars, participation in events and strategizing the best promotional plan to follow considering competitor price analysis and performance metrics.

Promotion Planning

Event level deal calendars, participation in events and strategizing the best promotional plan to follow considering competitor price analysis and performance metrics.

Online Reputation Management

We help you maintain exclusivity and reliability on your Brand’s products. Moreover, we keep your product portfolios under a regular check for customer relevance.

Customer Sentiment & Feedback Analysis

At NuvoRetail, we believe in understanding the customers’ perspectives in order to build long lasting relationships. For the same, we conduct regular Reviews and Sentiment Analysis for our Partner Brands.

Why choose NuvoRetail for Expert Consultancy on E-Commerce?

Industry Leading Expertise

When you choose NuvoRetail, you choose an opportunity for your brand that might not be unlocked to its full potential otherwise. Our team of experts ensure the best utilisation of the algorithms to your brand's benefit.

Full Transparency

NuvoRetail aims at working as a partner with your brand for long-term establishment. Every step we take is backed by the best industry knowledge and Brand value.

Dynamic & Technical

At NuvoRetail, we believe in continuous learning and development to best keep up with the changes in industry. This way, we make sure to explore the endless possibilities of E-Commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, Nuvoretail effectively manages advertising campaigns for ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. We employ PPC, bid management etc to drive targeted traffic and skyrocket your sales, ensuring optimal ROI.

Nuvoretail’s ecommerce account management services encompass a wide array of platforms, including popular ones such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and QDF formats like Blinkit, Zepto, Big Basket & Swiggy Instamart.

There is no mandatory minimum commitment period when engaging with our services. We aim to offer flexibility to our clients, allowing them to choose the contract duration that best suits their unique needs and objectives.

Yes, we handle everything independently. Our team of experts is equipped to manage and optimize all aspects of your ecommerce account, from product listings to customer feedback analysis, ensuring a seamless and self-sufficient solution for your ecommerce brand.

We are an Amazon Advanced Partner, differentiated by our dedication to personalized solutions, a team of expert professionals, and an unwavering focus on delivering measurable results. Leveraging our extensive experience, we empower your brand to stand out in the marketplace.

Yes, we specialize in bulk product uploads. Our team can efficiently add a large number of products to your ecommerce platform, ensuring accuracy and consistency in product listings.

Nuvoretail Continues to Raise the Bar in Amazon Advertising

Nuvoretail demonstrates unparalleled expertise in e-commerce advertising with a second consecutive gold medal in the Amazon Advisors Marathon.