Gaining Control Of Your Listings On Amazon

As per a recent survey by Feedvisor, 89% of the buyers trust Amazon than any other eCommerce site. With over 300 million customers, 2.5 million sellers, and an estimated 100 million Prime members, Amazon has built one of the most sophisticated e-commerce platforms by selling more than 4000 items a minute Whether you are a brand owner or a seller on Amazon you must know […]

Why Ecommerce Makes Sense Post Covid 19 Pandemic?

Amidst slowing the Global economy, 2020 began with the promise of reviving global consumption growth, however, soon the world was hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. Goes without saying that the global lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing became the need of the hour. Though the initial reaction was of hope and optimism, soon the world […]

Enable Omni-channel For The New Normal

The pandemic is rapidly changing our behavior towards online channels, and the shifts are likely to stick post-pandemic. While many companies are challenged to survive in the short-term, the crisis also presents an opportunity.  Bold companies that invest ambitiously and timely in their online business are likely to emerge as market leaders. While a short-term […]