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Back-End Management :
Monitor and Optimize Seller Account Health

Create Business Plan. Execute Strategies. Handle E-Commerce.
Nuvoretail works across industries for brands of all sizes.

Create Business Plan. Execute Strategies. Handle E-Commerce. Nuvoretail works across industries for brands of all sizes.

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Satisfied Clients


$1 Billion

Worth Sales Generated



Ecommerce Experts



Satisfied Clients


$1 Billion

Sales Generated



Ecommerce Experts

Ensure Optimal Supply Chain with Inventory Management.

NuvoRetail’s Team helps you with Daily Operations & Performance diagnosis of your brand along with optimization of new and existing commerce platforms across channels.

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Track & Resolve Account Performance Issues.

Our Expert team continuously keeps track and resolves all your account performance issues. We cover you in and out. With the combination of Enlytical and AI, you can beat the competition.

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What do our Back-End Services include?

Tracking & Reporting

NuvoRetail professionalizes in provisioning, forecasting, promo claims closures, MIS reporting, and conducting audits to take actionable steps regarding stock, price, competition, promotions, visibility, content, reviews, FAQs, and more.

Inventory Management & PO Tracking

Coordinating with channels to obtain purchase orders, promptly amend requests based on stockouts, and alert regional SPOCs about low inventory levels to ensure timely release of orders.

E-Commerce Coordination

Coordinating with category managers of different marketplaces that you opt for.

Seller Account Health

Maintaining the optimal health of your Seller account by identifying and resolving any issues. Lowering the risk of deactivation and improving historic performance to aid Ad Ranks.

Why choose NuvoRetail for Expert Consultancy on E-Commerce?

Industry Leading Expertise

When you choose NuvoRetail, you choose an opportunity for your brand that might not be unlocked to its full potential otherwise. Our team of experts ensure the best utilisation of the algorithms to your brand's benefit.

Full Transparency

NuvoRetail aims at working as a partner with your brand for long-term establishment. Every step we take is backed by the best industry knowledge and Brand value.

Dynamic & Technical

At NuvoRetail, we believe in continuous learning and development to best keep up with the changes in industry. This way, we make sure to explore the endless possibilities of E-Commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

To Optimize Inventory Management, we use inventory tracking software, conduct regular audits, and implement a just-in-time inventory system. Additionally, monitor sales trends to ensure that popular items are in stock.  

Order processing in Ecommerce ensures efficient and accurate fulfillment of customer orders, including payment handling, inventory management, and timely shipping. It’s vital for exceptional customer experiences and operational efficiency. 

Yes, we offer the option to set up automated reports. You can specify the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and the specific metrics you want to include in the report. Contact our customer support team to assist you in setting up automated reporting.

We provide a PO tracking system where you can input the details of your purchase orders and receive updates on the order’s status, expected delivery dates, and any potential delays. 

If a supplier experiences a delay, you’ll be notified through the PO tracking system. We can assist in rescheduling or finding alternatives to minimize the impact on your business. 

Ecommerce coordination covers a range of aspects, including order processing, inventory management, supplier communication, shipping logistics, customer support, and data integration among various systems. 

Nuvoretail Continues to Raise the Bar in Amazon Advertising

Nuvoretail demonstrates unparalleled expertise in e-commerce advertising with a second consecutive gold medal in the Amazon Advisors Marathon.