Meet Our Team

Vishal Sharma

Founder & CEO 

Neetu Sharma


Yashvardhan Naudiyal

Vice President - Operations

Zishan Farooqi

Senior Manager - AMS

Garima Singhal

Senior Manager - E-Commerce

Manas Dwivedi

Product Manager

Ankit Pramanik

Lead of Technology

Phalguna Sai

Sales & Marketing Manager

Rajan Karwal

Lead of Design

Mariya Neethu

Human Resource Generalist

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We strive to create an environment where people are not afraid to ask questions. Afterall, even more important than finding all the answers is asking the right questions at the right time. At NuvoRetail, we are not just about people who master the field of E-Commerce, but also enthusiasts who wish to make it big in the industry. Our team follows an open and communicative culture, wherein people from all over the nation have something to learn, and something to teach.