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Ecommerce Dashboards

In today’s dynamic times where the buying behavior of consumers is changing at a very fast pace, organizations are under a constant threat of losing out to their competition, if they do not keep themselves abreast of their latest performance as well as the trends of the markets they operate in. This understanding can be achieved easily with the help of Nuvoretail’s multifunctional e-Commerce dashboards that provide an organization and its management with deep insights into its e-commerce operations, the online buying behavior of its customers, and that market analysis of its competitors. We deliver e-Commerce Business Insights and AI-enabled Management Dashboards to our clients across the categories from Daily Staples to Fashion and Electronics.

Nuvoretail leverages a 4 Step process for rolling out its AI-enabled dashboards which are aimed at improving the Decision Support Systems across the organization. The four key areas of focus are: collecting data, developing KPIs and metrics, designing the visual component, and establishing a post-deployment strategy. Nuvoretail helps its clients plan for these challenges so that they can be addressed accordingly.

Nuvoretail currently provides its data services in Korea, USA, Canada, India, and Australia for various major marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Coupang, Gmarket, Emart, Wayfair, Walmart, Coles, and Woolworth.


At Nuvoretail we understand that a KPI needs to be intimately connected with a key business objective. We adopt a collaborative approach for developing KPIs. These KPIs are a steppingstone towards refining our understanding of your data gathering requirements.

The best way to accomplish this is to ask questions, engage the right people, set expectations, and determine the implications of these metrics. Hence, we propose a set of bite-size workshops/interactive sessions for understanding what you need to measure. Within a series of these quick workshops, we will quickly be able to assess your requirements and will collate the set of data sources for your requirements.


Nuvoretail’s native AI-enabled Data Gathering engine leverages both internal and external sources of data for providing a holistic picture of the KPIs and Metrics thereby making them both effective and efficient at the same time.

For the external sources of data, the engine sources data from open source public information available on various e-commerce platforms. It can scrape through several data sets across the e-commerce channels within seconds. The engine leverages the power of AI to understand, decode and gather realistic and real-time data, as required for rolling out the most effective dashboards. The engine can crawl for data at any number of times during the day, as may be required.

The Data Gathering Engine is not only a data collection tool, but it also collates the data in a systematic and schematic manner, in which it can further be analysed through the Business Intelligence Tools. The engine not only gathers data from the English language marketplace but also from various foreign language websites, as per the prescribed schema. The engine is capable of both transliteration and translation, though this requires an additional step of physical


One of the most important aspects of a dashboard project is designing the visual components. For this, we recommend Microsoft Power BI as it is a powerful data analytics and visualization tool that allows business users to monitor data, analyse trends, and make decisions. Through dashboards, users interact with charts and graphs that communicate trends in their data

In order to design the visual components of the dashboard a quick scramble of workshops will be required to be conducted with the relevant stakeholders

Nuvoretail offers the following range of dashboards such as:

1.On-Shelf Availability Dashboard: It helps you evaluate the seller level availability, city/pin code level availability, brand, category, or product specification level availability, historical availability trends, and delisted products. This data helps to ensure that the products never run out of stock on e-commerce portals and helps brands align their supply chain accordingly.

2.Share of Search Dashboard: Helps brands to track their product’s position in Keyword Search Results, Amazon Best Sellers Rank, Sponsored Ads, and Banner Share. This dashboard offers better insight on whether the products are visible to the potential buyer or not when searching for a particular product keyword.

3.Share of Shelf Dashboard: It displays the percentage of different products visible when searching for a particular category. It shows how many products are in TOP3, TOP5, TOP10 bestseller ranks. The share of shelf dashboard provides a better insight on whether the products are visible to the potential buyer or not when searching for a particular category.

4.Content Management Dashboard: This dashboard helps you to show the Scorecards based on Quality and availability of A+ content, Quality and numbers of images, bullet points, descriptions, key specifications, Keyword availability, and density. Provides insight on whether the products will be discoverable or not on different platforms.

5.Product Fill Rate Dashboard: Track the quantity received, quantity requested, and Fill Rate analysis month wise, platform-wise, brand-wise. Provides insight on Monthly Product Fill Rate Analytics based on regions across multiple platforms.

6.Campaign Management Dashboard: This dashboard tracks and helps in improving keywords, Automated Insights on performance, Benchmarking our products against best sellers and competitors, Tracks competitor sales and daily rankings, Finds the most profitable products for Amazon Marketing. Provides insight on how to Optimise your AMS Campaigns, Amazon PPC for campaign performance.

7.Best Seller Ranking Dashboard: Displays No. of Products in Bestseller Ranking (TOP 3 TOP 5 TOP10 TOP 20 TOP 50) and Provides Insight on Bestseller rank on daily basis – Own and competitor.

8.Price Monitoring Dashboard: Provides the Price variation by Brand, Price variation by Platform, Day wise price variation on different Platforms, Minimum & Maximum Price Breach, MRP Breach Reports, Buy Box reports for Authorized/ Aligned Sellers, City & Seller Level Prices, and the Competition Price Comparison.

9.Product Status Dashboard: Track the Total no. of products, no. of active products, no of platforms, Comparative analysis of active products and non-listed products both brand wise and platform wise, and Provides product-wise analysis on the basis of active and non listed. Also shows the Top 15 active products.

10.Rating And Reviews Dashboard: This dashboard displays reviews generated -daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly, top sentiments for positive & negative reviews, which type of customers are writing reviews – loyalists, switcher, or price-sensitive, identify how many reviewers faced a similar issue, daily tracking of ratings and reviews of brand and competitor’s products across all available platforms.

11.Sales Dashboard: Displays Growth in sales to have a better understanding of the sales pattern individually for different periods (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Annually), value by brands, sales dashboard provides a detailed overview of total sales over time, brand-wise sales, marketplaces wise sales and sale contribution.

12.Seller Overview Dashboard: Displays authorized/unauthorized seller status, product-wise seller status across all multiple channels, Minimum Selling Price and Seller Status, Seller status based on different regions. Provides an Insight on whether the products are being sold by an authorized seller.

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