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Omni-channel solution

Managing operations Simultaneously from multiple channels is often a complex task. To take care of –managing content, sales, and inventory – require collaborations and transparency. For example, there should be consistency in the products showing in all its digital channels and these products must always be updated for their availability.

Keeping the complex business requirements in mind we have crafted an Omnichannel E-Commerce Platform. The proposed platform is envisaged as a centralized platform that integrates all existing business applications and serves as a common interface for its customers, dealers, and the business users within the Brand.

This document provides a comprehensive functional overview of the Omnichannel E-commerce platform for the organizations. We not only integrate your Existing ERPs & POS but also provide you with a fascinating online retail outlet that is not only language customizable but is also future-ready with AR & VR functionalities and 360° views. Needless to say that the channel comes integrated with native Android and IoS Apps.

The Omnichannel platform is not a simple shopping cart site but an online marketplace for the brand’s dealers & the Brands, where they can sell the merchandise and provide customer services. It is designed to provide a far superior customer experience than the existing marketplaces and also integrates itself with the Marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

The Key features of our Omnichannel platform

  • Centralized Inventory Management
  • Integrated Omni-channel
  • Order Management
  • Hassle-free Return Management
  • Online/Offline Store Integration
  • Simplifying Logistics
  • ERP Integration
  • Periodical Data Generation/ Analytic

While the organizations need to enable as many touchpoints to their customers as possible such as Marketplaces, Webstores & Physical Stores, but they also need to seamlessly integrate these touchpoints with an Omni-Channel Strategy. The synergies generated by the integrated Omni -Channel will separate the leaders from the rest.

E-commerce Consulting

Our eCommerce consulting services will help you make informed business decisions and select the right go-to-market strategy to succeed online.

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On-Platform Marketing Services

We will help you select, strategize and implement the right advertising solutions on Amazon that will help you find, attract and engage with millions of Amazon customers at every stage of their journey. Our expertise in designing customized AMS campaigns ensures that our clients get maximum visibility and highest ROI.

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Omni-channel solution

Based on your brand’s specific requirements, we will recommend and implement the most suitable omnichannel strategy/ solution for your brand which will not only provide a uniform experience for your consumers across all channels but all help drive better relationship with your customers.

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Ecommerce Dashboards

Our analytics features cover a wide range for e-commerce reports and interactive dashboards that are based on AI and in- house technology assets. These dashboards will provide you with insights into your brand’s current performance and where we needs improvements

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the key business tool for enterprises today as it enables them to harness the power of the internet to take their business to the next level. We bring expertise in this area and ensure that our clients can leverage the most well suited digital media platforms for increasing discoverability and promotions of their products.

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Customer engagement

We provide detailed analysis on what is making customers like or dislike your products or competition’s products, what are the sentiments and behaviour of your customers vis-à-vis your products.

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Ecommerce operations

We will partner with you at your every step of your e-Commerce journey, whether it’s listing or preparing content, managing stock, tracking inventory, preparing reports and sharing relevant data with you.

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Webstore Development

Our webstore development services can help you develop and boost your brand’s presence in the digital ecosystem by creating customized digital brand websites for you to, to reach the targeted customers and provide them with a smooth shopping experience.

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