Top-selling categories during the last Amazon Prime Days

Top-selling categories during the last Amazon Prime Days

Amazon Prime Days, the annual shopping extravaganza, have become synonymous with incredible deals and discounts. During these two days, millions of shoppers flock to Amazon to take advantage of the massive sales event.

Amazon has released the dates for prime day 2023. For the USA and a host of other countries, it will kick off July 11 at 3 a.m. EDT and run through July 12. For Indian customers, the prime day will go live on July 15 at midnight and will continue till midnight on July 16th.

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One aspect that captures people’s attention is the trending categories that dominated searches during Amazon Prime Days over the years. In this article, we will explore the keywords that trended during the last few Amazon Prime Days and gain insights into the products and deals that captured the attention of the general public.

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Popular Keyword Trends

Several keywords trended across the platform during the last two Amazon Prime Days. These keywords represent the most searched terms during the event, reflecting the interests and preferences of the general public. Though we cannot cover all the keywords, let’s explore the top 10 categories and their top 5 subcategories.


top 5 sub cat ELECTRONICS jump after

1. GPS Devices and Accessories: Prime Day 2022 saw an influx of shoppers trying to get their hands on the latest navigation technology and accessories. Customers flocked to the online marketplace to take advantage of discounts on cutting-edge GPS systems and ensure they had the best guidance for both outdoor adventures and city exploration.

2. Power Accessories: Consumers were eager to capitalize on the amazing discounts on offer for power accessories during Prime Day 2022. From portable chargers to wireless charging pads, the demand for convenient and efficient charging solutions skyrocketed, making this category one of the most popular trends of the sale.

3. General Purpose Batteries: Prime Day 2022 was a standout event for the electronics industry; shoppers rushed to stock up on general-purpose batteries and take advantage of the great offers available. With reliable battery brands offering long-lasting power at discounted prices, this category was a hit with smart shoppers.

4. Wearable Technology: Prime Day 2022 was a major success in the field of wearable technology, with shoppers eagerly embracing the convenience and functionality these innovative products offer. From fitness trackers to smartwatches, health devices, and more, sales skyrocketed during this highly anticipated shopping event.

5. Telephones and Accessories: Customers were delighted to discover the incredible discounts on telephones and accessories during Prime Day 2022 – whether it was the latest smartphones, stylish cases, or advanced Bluetooth headphones, communication devices, and their accompanying accessories saw a huge surge in interest during this sale.

Home and Kitchen

top 5 sub cat HOME KITCHEN jump before

1. Religious and spiritual items (100% Increase): During Prime Day 2022, shoppers sought out meaningful and soulful products, with exclusive deals and discounts on a wide range of spiritually significant items, from meditation essentials to prayer accessories.

2. Home storage and organization: As people looked for practical solutions to declutter and optimize their living spaces, Prime Day 2022 saw an increase in demand for home storage and organization products. Customers enjoyed unbeatable offers on innovative storage containers, space-saving organizers, and creative solutions for every room.

3. Home and decor: For style-conscious shoppers, Prime Day 2022 presented a delightful array of home and decor items at discounted prices, enabling them to elevate their living spaces with trendy furniture pieces and stylish accents.

4. Craft materials: Craft enthusiasts were thrilled with the event’s significant emphasis on craft materials, with paints, brushes, fabrics, and yarns available at discounted prices. Prime members were inspired and equipped to embark on new creative projects.

5. Indoor lighting: Prime Day 2022 also shone a spotlight on indoor lighting, giving shoppers the chance to brighten up their spaces with discounted lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures. Customers could find a wide range of options to suit their style and preferences, making Prime Day an enlightening shopping experience.

Clothing and Accessories

top 5 sub cat CLOTHING ACCESSORIES jump after

1. Boys (300% Increase): Prime Day 2022 was a success for boys’ clothing, with exciting deals and discounts on a wide range of stylish outfits. Parents and guardians took advantage of the event to update their growing boys’ wardrobes, making sure they were dressed to impress.

2. Sports-specific clothing (220%+ Increase): Sports-specific clothing was a major trend during Prime Day 2022, as fitness enthusiasts and athletes seized the opportunity to snag great deals on athletic apparel and specialized gear for various sports. These shoppers could look good and perform well, all at a discounted price.

3. Baby (140%+ Increase): Prime Day 2022 was an especially great time for parents and caregivers, as there were numerous deals on baby clothing and accessories. There were discounts on both comfortable essentials and fashionable outfits, allowing Prime members to provide comfort and style for their little ones without spending a fortune.

4. Women: Women’s fashion was the star of Prime Day 2022, with irresistible offers and promotions on clothing and accessories. Fashion-forward individuals reveled in the excitement, scoring significant discounts on trendy outfits, versatile accessories, and elegant footwear, so they could revamp their wardrobes and express their unique sense of style without breaking the bank.

5. Men: Men’s fashion was also celebrated during Prime Day 2022, as the event featured an extensive collection of deals tailored specifically for male shoppers. From dapper formal wear to casual attire and rugged accessories, Prime members could enhance their personal style at attractive discounts.


top 5 sub cat BEAUTY jump after

1. Hair care and styling: Prime Day 2022 was a huge success, as customers snapped up incredible bargains on top-brand hair care and styling products. With irresistible discounts on everything from hair serums to curling irons, it was the perfect time to revamp their haircare routine.

2. Skincare: Beauty lovers were in their element at Prime Day 2022, taking advantage of jaw-dropping savings on their favorite skincare products. From face masks to moisturizers, the event catered to all skin types, allowing them to achieve their desired skincare goals without breaking the bank.

3. Makeup and Nails: Prime Day 2022 was all about makeup and nails, with a dazzling selection of beauty products to choose from. Customers reveled in the makeup extravaganza, stocking up on discounted palettes, lipsticks, and nail polishes, as they embraced their creativity and expressed their individual style with vivid colors and revolutionary formulas.

4. Tools and accessories: Beauty addicts around the world rejoiced at the range of tools and accessories available at Prime Day 2022. Professional-grade brushes, state-of-the-art hair dryers, and multipurpose beauty gadgets were just some of the items available, enabling them to upgrade their beauty routine with efficient and stylish tools at unbeatable prices.

5. Hair care: Prime Day 2022 was dedicated to hair care, giving customers the chance to take advantage of outstanding deals on an extensive range of products. From shampoos and conditioners to hair masks and treatments, shoppers had the perfect opportunity to pamper their locks with high-quality essentials, providing the ideal occasion to nourish and transform their tresses.

Levi’s apparel and accessories were also on the list of best-selling items worldwide during Prime Days!

Computer & Accessories

top 5 sub cat COMPUTERS ACCESSORIES jump after

1. Warranties: During Prime Day 2022, shoppers took advantage of exclusive discounts and surged to purchase extended warranties for laptops, desktops, and other electronic devices, eager to safeguard their purchases.

2. Scanners: Prime Day 2022 saw tech enthusiasts and professionals snap up hot deals on high-quality scanners, giving them the ability to quickly and easily digitize documents, photos, and important files.

3. External Devices and Data Storage: The computer and accessories category experienced a surge in demand for external devices and data storage solutions during Prime Day 2022. Shoppers seized the opportunity to expand their storage capacity with discounted external hard drives, SSDs, and USB flash drives.

4. Printers, Inks, and Accessories: Printer enthusiasts were delighted with the abundance of bargains available on Prime Day 2022, with discounts on printers, ink cartridges, paper, and other accessories offering seamless printing experiences at unbeatable prices.

Shoes and Handbags

top 5 sub cat SHOES HANDBAGS jump after

1. Shoes: Prime Day 2022 saw an overwhelming demand for shoes of all types, from athletic sneakers to elegant heels. Customers were keen to take advantage of the latest styles and deals.

2. Shoe Accessories and Care Products: Prime members weren’t just purchasing shoes; they also showed great interest in shoe accessories and care products, such as shoe cleaners, insoles, and laces, in order to maintain and improve the lifespan of their shoes.

3. Handbags, Purses, and Clutches: Prime Day 2022 saw fashion-savvy shoppers searching for the latest handbags, purses, and clutches. With irresistible deals on trendy accessories, customers took the opportunity to update their wardrobes without breaking the bank.

Health and Personal Care

top 5 sub cat HEALTH PERSONAL CARE jump after

1. Amazon Pharmacy: Prime Day 2022 showcased the rise of Amazon Pharmacy, with convenient medication delivery and attractive discounts attracting online shoppers seeking reliable healthcare solutions.

2. Oral Care: Prime Day 2022 saw a surge in oral care products, offering exclusive deals on electric toothbrushes and teeth whitening kits for consumers looking to upgrade their dental hygiene routines.

3. Healthcare Packages: Prime Day 2022 introduced comprehensive healthcare packages, combining vitamins, supplements, fitness equipment, and self-care items, catering to shoppers’ increasing interest in holistic wellness.

4. Personal Care and Health Appliances: Prime Day 2022 witnessed high demand for personal care and health appliances, with discounts on electric massagers and blood pressure monitors, empowering consumers to prioritize self-care and health monitoring.

5. Sexual Wellness and Sensuality: Prime Day 2022 embraced sexual wellness, featuring exclusive deals on vibrators, lubricants, and intimate accessories, encouraging individuals to prioritize their sexual health and pleasure during the event.

Grocery and Gourmet Foods

top 5 sub cat GROCERY GOURMET FOODS jump after

1. Dairy and Plant-Based Alternatives: Prime Day 2022 was marked by a surge in demand for dairy and plant-based alternatives, as shoppers took advantage of the event to score discounts on milk, cheese, yogurt, and vegan options like almond milk and soy-based products.

2. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Prime Day 2022 was also the perfect time to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, with unbeatable prices on watermelons, avocados, and bell peppers, giving shoppers the chance to select the season’s best offerings.

3. Cereals and Muesli: Cereal lovers had plenty to rejoice about during Prime Day 2022: unbeatable deals on cereal, granola, and muesli blends allowed them to stock up to their heart’s delight.

4. Meat, Poultry, and Seafood: Prime Day 2022 also offered amazing discounts on premium cuts of beef, chicken, salmon, and shrimp, giving meat and seafood enthusiasts the opportunity to elevate their dining experiences.

5. Ready to Eat and Cook: Ready-to-eat and cook options were the stars of Prime Day 2022, as shoppers embraced convenience and flavor with pre-packaged meals, chef-inspired kits, and quick cooking solutions, making mealtime a breeze.

Toys and Games

top 5 sub cat TOYS GAMES jump after

1. Trading cards and accessories: Prime Day 2022 was a hit with collectors, offering competitive prices and exclusive deals on popular cards and accessories.

2. Marble runs: Shoppers were delighted by Prime Day’s discounts and thrilling designs for marble runs, bringing captivating and creative playtime to homes.

3. Puppets and puppet theaters: Prime Day 2022 highlighted the timelessness of puppets and puppet theaters, with discounts on charming toys that inspired storytelling and role-playing.

4. Model train & railway sets: Prime Day 2022 was a boon for hobbyists, as interest in model train and railway sets rocketed, offering a vast array of options to expand layouts and complete collections.

5. Electronic Toys: Prime Day 2022 ushered in the digital age with discounts on interactive robots, educational tablets, and coding kits, which enticed children and adults alike to explore the exciting world of electronic entertainment.

Sports, Fitness, Outdoors

top 5 sub cat SPORTS FITNESS OUTDOORS jump after

1. Football Equipment (120% Increase): Prime Day 2022 proved to be a touchdown for sports lovers looking to upgrade their game with discounted jerseys, cleats, and gloves from top brands. Shoppers didn’t miss the chance to score unbeatable prices on their favorite gear.

2. Winter Sports: Prime Day 2022 was a dream for winter sports enthusiasts, with unbeatable deals on ski and snowboard gear. Ski jackets, snowboards, and boots were all heavily discounted, offering an unbeatable opportunity for shoppers to prepare for their snowy adventures.

3. Outdoor Recreation Apparel and Equipment: Prime Day 2022 was a hit with outdoor lovers, offering exceptional savings on hiking boots, camping gear, and backpacks. Shoppers saved big and upgraded their outdoor gear without breaking the bank.

4. Trophies, Medals, and Awards: Prime Day 2022 presented event organizers and sports fans with great deals on trophies and medals. Whether it was for school competitions or community events, buyers could find customizable, high-quality awards to commemorate athletic achievements.

5. Sports Gadgets: Prime Day 2022 provided a feast of gadgets for sports fans. Fitness trackers, wireless headphones, and action cameras were among the sought-after deals that promised to amp up workouts and capture thrilling outdoor moments.

Knowing which products are most popular in each category can help sellers better understand consumer trends and optimize their product selection for Prime Day. With this data, one can identify new opportunities to expand their product offerings to meet consumer demands. For example, if the electronics category is seeing an increase in growth, a seller might consider adding more electronics products to their store.

This year, we anticipate even more shoppers taking advantage of the deals offered on Prime Day due to Amazon Prime’s rising popularity. Thus, sellers that optimize their product selection for Prime Day will be better positioned to maximize success.

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